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Jean M. Fox. Tracking The Underground Rail Road. The Farmington Hills Historical Commission, 1993.

1 Tracking THE UNDERGROUND RAIL ROAD By Jean M. Fox Monograph
2 Tracking THE UNDERGROUND RAIL ROAD By Jean M. Fox Monograph
3 This monograph is a typescript of a talk Mrs. Fox gave many
5 Her work makes up the last chapter of The AVERY WATERCOLORS
6 14th Vermont 1791 free 15th Kentucky 1792 slave Tennessee 1
7 a famous decision against a wealthy Englishman residing in
8 Facts are difficult to come by. It was all illegal. After p
9 When Mrs. Avery did her researches in 1915 "One man intervi
10 "Trains" -- which were the bottom of farm wagons heaped wit
11 He was a sister of Lucrclia Coffin, who married Richard Mol
13 Cass County Home S, $lt Qthelk uaer netabo ari n trhe aatbh
14 required the keeper of every station to deliver all passeng
15 S NAIL 0OF *LIBERfgTY In the history room of the Farmington
16 In May, 1985 Husscy described his station: "Over 1,000 pers
17 At Climax, outside the village, the conductor was Williams
18 had raided in Cass County. We got use of a building in Batt
19 site of Finney's Hotel, in the back of which a livery stabl
20 George de Baptiste, who came up the UGRR from Madison, Indi
21 I always thought the UGRR went from Ohio to Canada. But of
22 In Canada there were three main areas of settlement in addi
23 jAN Adam Crosswhite Frances Troutman, Kentuckian from Bourb
24 Troutman returned to Kentucky vowing vengeance. Kentuckians
25 Let us not forget the direct line of Adam Crosswhite in 184
26 In July, 1854, a new political party -- the Republican Part
27 3) Blacks would in Michigan be entitled to trial by jury. 4
28 Farmington's Conductor, Dr. Carlyle Davidson, writing in Mi
29 Laura Hlaviland is honored in Adrian where a statue of the
30 1842 ... 18th 2nd month ... 16 days to Marshall to state an
31 Intricate family relationships were involved, but basically
32 "'t seemed that Uncle Nathan had more people than he could
33 Aaron Wilson's Citizenship Papers Ellen Wilson Ellen Wilson
34 Another reputed but unverified site is the Philbrick Tavern
35 A Waterford Township resident who lived at Clintonville, Mr
36 "Not a great while afterward there appeared at my place one
37 CHORUS: O Slaveholders, that hand, that hand of thine, Can
38 Your cup is full unto the brim, of all inquity, And if you
39 We were the first state to 1) Pass a "personal Liberty" law
40 NOTES 1) Michigan Manual, 1865 2) A Farmington Childhood: T
41 31) Mochlmann, Ruth. "If Walls Could Talk: Heritage Homes o