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Jean M. Fox. Marcus Burrowes English Revival Architect. Farmington Hills Historical Commission, 1992.

1 MARCUS BURROWES English Revival Architect By Jean M. Fox Mo
2 MARCUS BURROWES (1874-1953) English Revival Architect By Je
3 Marcus Robinson Burrowes (1874 -1953)
4 Marcus R. Burrowes (1874-1953) Farmington's rolling hills a
5 building with rotunda, on Wellington Street. This building
6 was the architect for the large residence for H. R. Dingwel
7 children.) With seating for 400, the Theatre became the sum
8 "Burrowes built right into the land whenever possible," Whi
9 they include the homes of A. L. McCarthy, on Hamilton Drive
10 Residence of Mr. Ralph II. Booth, Grosse Pointe, Michigan E
11 A home built for Berrien C. Eaton on Bishop Road is of stuc
12 FIVE FARMINGTON RESIDENCES In Farmington, five homes bear t
13 Revival architecture, built his own home in French Country
14 Marcus Burrowes' own home built in Farminglon in 1924 on th
15 A year or so later "Windy Hill," a clapboard Colonial Reviv
16 Named "Biddestone" for the Wiltshire antecedent, the Americ
17 touches in a Burrowes-designed home which have endeared the
18 * There is a certain restfulness and charm about a house of
19 houses of England. The interior has excellent light for rea
20 The Redford Village Hall, 1928; then the Redford Branch of
21 "He was president of the Library Commission at the time of
22 Parkman's Conspiracy of Pontiac (1851) is especially import
23 CIVIC ARCHITECTURE Burrowes has left his imprint on many ot
24 of Detroit. William B. Stratton was the husband of Mary Cha
25 The two story building, erected in 1921-2 was of brick in E
26 Unfortunately, the City of Birmingham treasured not what it
27 STARR COMMONWEALTH BUILDINGS Brueckner Aluselrn Payne lFami
28 STARR COMMONWEALTH BUILDINGS Reynolds Cottage Webster Hall
30 In the course of this growth eleven of the buildings on the
31 ancestral home. Rounded stone arches, recessed doors and wi
32 PERSONAL CHARACTERISTICS Burrowes was a tall man, 6' 2", we
33 of the American Institute of Architects in 1916-17; vice-pr
34 turn the vision of his clients to a more refined, more endu
35 BIBLIOGRAPHY A Monograph of the Recent Work of Marcus R. Bu
36 NOTES 1) Robert G. Hill, editor, The Biographical Dictionar
37 15) Woodford, Frank. Pamassus on Main Street. Wayne State U
38 29) Ibid. See also brochure on Chapel in the Woods, pp 42-3