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Jean M. Fox. P. Dean Warner of Farmington. the Farmington Hills Historical Commission, 1992.

1 P. DEAN WARNER of Farmington Monograph #1 BIO WARNER
2 P. Dean Warner MAN of FARMINGTON By Jean M. Fox May 6, 1992
3 P. Dean Warner Mr. Warner served his community long and nob
4 1867 -- A Banner Year P. Dean Warner began construction on
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6 P. DEAN WARNER Man Of Farmington Among the earliest familie
7 without the approval of Oakland County. Seth Warner did not
8 As State Senator, Warner participated in the election of Le
9 In the legislature he advocated total constitutional prohib
10 In 1867 Warner was still in the State Legislature, serving
11 approval to the people on April 6, 1868, Michigan Voters re
12 The Farmington Fair was organized during the late 1870s wit
13 being continually presented for examination, that when you
14 opened before them. The conclusion is endearing, and tells
15 than probable that the political expertise and connections
16 While the sacred words were spoken, Which unite two hearts
17 These ties of friendship and of love Which bind our hopes t
18 Warner was to enjoy another five years of life. He was a fr
19 "He was deeply interested in the growth and development of
20 NOTES I) Michigan Pioneer and Historical Collections (herea
21 NOTES, CON'T. 30) MIIC 31) See IFRE.D M. WARNER, Progressiv