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Jean Fox, editor. Memories of North Farmington. The Farmington Hills Historical Commission, 1994.

1 Memories of North Farmington The Farmington Hills Historica
2 Introduction North Farmington was a small settlement at the
3 Memories of North Farmington Monograph #8
4 Table of Contents Farmington According to Clyde............
5 Clyde Graham 1912- 1991
6 Farmington According to Clyde By Clyde Graham I want this t
7 My name is Clyde Graham and I was born April 3, 1912. My pa
8 The Blind Man When I was young we had a man who lived at 13
9 working in a field across from the North Farmington Cemeter
10 The Old Nichols One Room School The old school was located
11 Nichols School, built 1898 by Grant Putnam for a cost of $6
12 existent. In those days if the teacher had some problem she
13 The Big Tree in-the Middle of the Road There use to stand a
14 The North Farmington Four Corers From the mid 1850's to the
15 OW...... :iiii.. The Graham family in front of their barn
16 We boys used to delight in getting up in the ice house on s
17 The blacksmith shops were busy places at that time shoeing
18 Some Happenings As I was going through some things of mine
19 As I mentioned in another chapter, there was an interurban
20 Farming in the Past Farming in the olden times was very muc
21 the pasture to be milked and all of nature would chime in a
22 Our farm was bordered on the north and west by our neighbor
23 Our home was a bee hive of activity most of the time as it
24 PROGRAM Dedication of Graham Pond & Graham Creek Signs Octo
25 DEDICATION The recognition of Graham Pond and Graham Creek
26 THE GRAHAMS (For the dedication of signs naming Graham Cree
27 John Graham's son, also John, born 1887, married Myrtie Gie