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Jean M. Fox. Letters from 1860 The Howrards of Farmington. Farmington Hills Historical Commission, 1994.

1 Letters from 1860 THE HOWARDS of FARMINGTON Farmington Hill
2 Letters from 1860 THE HOWARDS of FARMINGTON by Jean M. Fox
3 Table of Contents Page The Howards of Farmington 1 An Acros
4 : '***'~~~~~i ?% ^li, (1821 - 1866)
5 The Howards of Farmington By Jean M. Fox For more than a ce
6 hands by the age of 14-16 years. The penmanship, the senten
7 From his great-great-grandson, Lee Cox, who lives in Farmin
8 For Elizabeth Howard had three brothers and four sisters. T
9 Child-Rearing Ways Facing a pioneer environment demanded da
10 To E. & L. Lamb My dear daughters The affection of a father
11 Here are several examples, one ca. 1860 and those from Theo
12 My dear boys - you are to promise before God -- that you wi
13 LITTLE FRANKIE or Almost An Honest Boy Little Frankie was t
14 hours of liberty, to go somewhere and get some boy notions,
15 of life will rise before you, but mount every obstacle that
16 Love God My dear boys! First, and above all, love God with
17 "I'll go and tell him all I've done "Fall down before his f
18 Death of the Twin Boys A traumatic event for early settlers
19 doubtful whcther we will be able to leave long enough to at
20 sore now and tomorrow we must see him put in the ground. ..
21 Farmington, Dec. 16 - 1859 Dear Parents -- I write in haste
22 The baby is decidedly better. Thro the night for a time he
23 With fear, one of the boys between the Wheels. Quick! quick
24 The Civil War The Howards sent one soldier to the Civil War
25 curdle in his veins to think "Lexington" where our loved fl
26 ly understood that it is not a "war of slavery". Our govern
27 Our Soldier Brother (Lewis Howard) The following poem was w
28 Lies low our Brother's wasting form -- no kindred friends a
29 This is a most interesting letter from Elizabeth Howard to
30 a steep hill, but is was extremely difficult to get board f
31 Howard took time to write for his family on Christmas Day,
32 summer they soon wore away, and left me in the same careles
33 since, until my present sickness compelled me to desist. Th
34 Christmas day 1865 Following lllis, on May 3, 1866, Iloward
35 TO MY MOTHER A Tribute of Affection My Mother dear! Remembr
36 Yet God is good in all His works and ways. His hand is heav
37 The Farm Accounts Howard kept meticulous farm accounts befo
38 Trips were made about once a month; the farmer would set ou
39 Meanwhile Howard had made necessary purchases of items not
40 By Fall the sheep were shorn. sold 164-1/2 pd wool @ .65 ce
41 September 9 - Sold to G. Willis 30-1/2 Ibs butter @ $.45 $
42 1865 came in "quite cold. Good sleighing." January 6 - Good
43 April 18 - Paid Mrs. Burs for washing $ 3.00 July 10 - Sold
44 Early barn raising in Farmington Township -- the Howard bar
45 On December 23 we find the year end approaching; Howard pai
46 Lewis Howard Barn, dated 1910 42
47 Death A short time before his demise, Howard looked forward
48 My Last Gifts To My Children To my beloved wife ... my sket
49 A Letter of 1867 The following letter, written by Elizabeth
50 furnish you all with proper and profitable reading matter.
51 Apple Spraying, ca 1900:wooden wheels, patient Dobbin, half
52 Death of Lydia Lamb Howard Lydia Ann, Howard's widow, lived
53 Novi. Services were also held at Berlin on the 28th. Sister
54 Who authored the epitaph on the Howard Mausoleum is unknown
55 Appendix I It is sometimes difficult for today's secular ge
56 we passed on and found our way to a former friend, Joseph L
57 a day or so, waiting for our boat. This gave us the opportu
58 adieu to my friends and brethren in the State of New York,
59 of one of the members who resided in Franklin that there wa
60 Brother Comstock and family I soon formed a pleasant acquai
61 In laboring stately in Plymouth I soon found a number of me
62 blossom like the rose, but while the wild uncultivated wast
63 Floyd Howard served , 5 overseas with the Company C Enginee
65 Woodward avenues. The city was at this time mostly on the r
66 to Michigan my travels were not very extensive, but suffici
67 Farmington. To get on to this I had to go back half a mile
68 and doubtless had influence with the commissioners to bring
69 Notice hexagonal truck shape on this early Ford, with gas t
71 THE HOTELS. These were the palmy days, also, of hotel runne
72 no mud was found, yet the corduroy foundation, for the firs
73 the case, it was soon surrounded by a cordon of suburban vi
74 generally made on horseback; the roads, if such they could
75 FRONTIER HOSPITALITY. Announcement for public worship was u
76 had come to Michigan to get homes, and they were bound to s
77 THE PIONEER CLERGYMEN. The compensation of the clergyman, a
78 was true of the Baptist ministry was essentially true of th
79 loafers, renegades, and dead-beats, apparently gathered fro
80 become speedily rich. The price of land rose; produce rose;
81 the Central, with its western terminus at the mouth of the
82 BIBLIOGRAPHY Cox, Lee E. The Journal of Theodore P. Howard
84 BOOK PUBLICATION PROGRAM Hard Cover: If Walls Could Talk: H