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Jean M. Fox. Farmington Centennial Families. The Farmington Hills Historical Commission, 1978.

2 THE FARP"'NCTON nC^l,'NlY ' t-.RARY 1|1|||IlIl1|1|||lI 3-7S
4 JABLE OF (ONTENTS Introduction -- -- --- --- i I. They Came
5 INTRODUCTION In a mobile age when use of movement seems the
6 Introduction Dommers from Vermont. New York State sent the f
7 Introduction They are involved in anecdotes of the times. O
8 Introduction Indeed, there has been a quality to life in Mic
9 Introduction That 90 of these certificates passed through F
10 HEY CAME TO FARMINGTON... and here they stayed
11 RIGGS, Kathryn (Mrs. Robert) Cox and Rupert Families 21615
12  PI SlrPI r I I IJ*rS.IBah --i Ir-F,r I-  -
13 Briggs A brother of Benjamin's served in the famous Michiga
14 ( OOK FAMILY (and the Laphams and Thayers) ROBERT COOK 2355
15 Cook - Lapham - Thayer In 1826 the father, Rufus, Sr., with
16 Cook - Lapham - Thayer office which in time became the State
17 Cook - Lapham - Thayer Edward Thayer, still lives at the co
18 'ENDT, Junior L. 34440 Bridgeman The Fendt family still liv
19 Fcndt son Heinrich, ' ~ ', ca. 1875. Cheese Factory, also k
20 Fcn dt In 1883, when the Cheese Factory closed, the Fendts p
21 I('Fcndt Detroit and travelled several times a week on the
22 ERRIS, Inez I. 25731 Kilreigh Drive The Westons, ancestors
23 IBB, Margaret J. 33354 Kingslane Court Margaret Gibb's fami
24 /ALSTED, Dr. Lee 23802 Farmington Road The Halsted family,
25 Halsted MIGRANT WORKERS as well as local farm youths were h
26 Halsted James, born in 1875 and 1873. Originally the farm pr
27 Halsted V * APPLE CRATES piled waiting their harvest on the
28 fJOWARD Family Ray Howard 28519 Grayling Floyd Howard 26940
29 tHoward But the family roots actually go back to an early m
30 Howard WINTER SCENE of the Howard Home at Howard road, still
31 Howard Floyd Howard, Ray's brother, has his home still on s
32 ( OTIS, Winifred B. 22823 Lakeway It was 1830 when five mem
33 TREASURED PIONEER OX-YOKE -Mr. Winifred Otis, Lakeway Avenu
34 CHROEDER, John Roy 33922 Grand River avenue L The Schroeder
35 (TADLER, Shirley lean 26615 Westmeath David Parkhurst, with
36 Stadler descendants, was looking for new farmland. He settle
37 t)ARNER FAMILY 33805 Grand River The large white Civil War
38 Warner Legislature from the Fifth District in Oakland County
39 Warner FRED M. WARNER Born July 21, 1865 in Hickling, Notti
40 Warner t The Warner Home 33805 Grand River Oakland County a
41 Warner Harley Davis and Helen Rhoda. All are still living,
42 windows, as well as Italianate brackets under the overhangi
43 C'yA IXo0 - STEELE FAMILIES JAMIESON, Adaline Wixom 21640 H
44 Wixom - Steele He returned three years later to Farmington w
45 Wixom - Steele decorator in Farmington, living his entire m
46 Wixom - Steele WIXOM FAMILY HISTORY Robert Wixom was the fir
47 Wixom - Steele They are Dorothy Wixom Smith, Adaline Wixom
48 HEY CAME TO MICHIGAN 100 years ago (or more) . . . and then
49 ILLYN, Mrs. George Albert 28454 Quail Hollow Charles Fredri
50 /HAMPEAU, Shirley 29140 Millbrook The Champeaus' ancestor,
51 LARK, Erwin 0. 32407 Old Forge In August, 1836 ten persons,
52 AMMAN Family, LeeAlan 0 20832 Tuck Road The Damman family c
53 OMMER, Delores Hoxsey 31275 Carriage Hill Fred Hoxie served
54 RMATINGER, Russell Edward 27302 Skye Drive East The Ermatin
55 LEMING, Gertrude S. 27463 Nine Mile Road Fugitives from a p
56 qORSYTHE, Mrs. Edna Harmon 31575 Rocky Crest Mrs. Forsythe'
57 Forsythe Forsythe writes. "My Grandpa Harmon and my father
58 /HARRISON, Fred 22588 Whittington Richard and Elizabeth Har
59 H arrisonl Y / Zif~~~~~',I A PRE-WORLI) I photo, shotcing a
60 A LAY, Barbara Mae 23875 Beacon Timothy Rice Amsden and Abi
61 Hay He died in a fight in a saloon in Ann Arbor. An article
62 ASHUBOSKY, Mary Ann 23404 Larkshire Thomas Welsh and Ellen
63 'EEGAN, John Thomas, Jr. 28120 Thornybrae The weather was t
64 Keegan manufacturing company in Detroit, and hard work enabl
65 EPLEY FAMILY LEPLEY, Marian Celia (Prindle) 302451 Thirteen
66 A AGEE, Betty Yates y 29000 Drake Road Ancestors of Mrs. Ma
67 A/AHONY, Grace Delaney 32244 Bonnet Hill Pierre Labadie cam
68 AIER FAMILY 1A/ 1 MAIER, Mrs. Alvin (Marion Robin) 23623 La
69 Maier MRS. MAIER holds the Civil War medals which were earn
70 Maier Gen. Winfield Scott was sent from Buffalo via steamboa
71 Maier HIS SON-IN-LAW, William Duncan, financed a brewery, t
72 ARX, Hubert J. / J 20909 Pearl Street The Marx family has b
73 AM cDOWELL FAMILY GUERTIN, Judith McDowell 21515 Waldron SA
74 ENO, George L. III 33999 Glouster Circle Antecedents of the
75 IILEY, Shan Bret J 28400 Hawberry Drive The Rileys are desc
76 OWE, Robert D. 24770 Powers Road John Henry Rowe came to Mi
77 Rowe John Rowe worked at the Minong Mine for five years, th
78 CHLESINGER, Arthur W., Jr. 5 31500 Franklin Fairway In 1842
79 HERWOOD, Donald Charles J 31964 Staman Court The ancestors,
80 MITH, Richard B. 20896 Botsford Drive GEN. JOSEPH R. SMITH
81 Smith During the Civil War he was mustering and disbursing
82 Smith a member of the Michigan Legislature in 1837 and 1840;
83 Smith -~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ AN UNUSUAL NINETEENTH c
84 Smith GEN. JOSEPH SMITH married Juliet Philippse De Hart, a
85 Smith Fame touched another branch of the family. Second Lt.
86 Smith * * * A LATER JULIET DE HART christened the celebrated
87 5TANNERS, Mrs. Mary Claire Simmons 33426 Colony Park Drive
88 TRYE, Stella Vanderburgh 22141 Hamilton Antecedents of the
89 Styre The Nelson Vanderburghs came to Detroit following the
90 Styre out of the city to seek home sites. The Vanderburghs w
91 Strye Stella went to City College of Detroit (now Wayne Sta
92 EEPLES, Earl Joseph 30155 Fourteen Mile road The Teeples fa
93 C )AN DORPE, Betty Jean Linn 23700 Ely Court From Scotland,
94 h ]AN TASSEL, Mrs. Loren (Etta) 21745 Green Hill Mrs. Van T
95 AN WAGNEN FAMILY VAN WAGNEN, William 22998 Warner BAST, Luc
96 Y\/ELTI, Marguerite (Mrs. Carl) 26154 Westmeath Mrs. Welti'
97 A\/lIGHTMAN, Robert B. 32968 Hargrove Court Ancestors of Ro
98 ALTHOUGH IT HAS BEEN the intention of the Historical Commis
99 /NDEX of Farmington Families and Family Names -A- -E- Page
100 -J- -R- -I-~-- Jamieson -......... 35 Reno ...........-68 R
101 Van Tassel - - 88 Van Wagnen -------------- 89 -W - Warner