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, editor. Farmington area Cemeteries. The Farmington Hills Historical Commission, 1995.

1 Farmington Area Cemeteries The Farmington Hills Historical
2 Introduction There are at this time five cemeteries in the
4 Table of Contents East Farmington Cemetery.................
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7 Then at the next meeting on October4, 1895 Mr. Muldraugh ga
8 8. Sick By-Laws-- Section Each member of the workers who sh
9 Unfortunately this year the day fell on Sunday, but our wor
10 MYSTIC WORKERS Of these ladies' names I will give you a lis
11 Mrs. Anna Graham works with a will, Always ready her place
12 That is all of the P's, Now of Q's and R's we have none of
13 There are some members who yearly entertain, About them I w
14 illegal, the township abandoned the support. Boy Scout grou
15 Little was written down, though, and Harry Moore, who was T
16 Governor Warner, some of the Power families and many others
17 In 1826, the West Farmington Cemetery came into being as an
18 QUAKER The next cemetery to be established was the Quaker C
19 the next burial there was that of Nathan Power's thirteen-m
20 In Lee S. Peel's book, FARMINGTON, A PICTORIA HISTORY, he w
21 NORTH FARMINGTON The last cemetery to be discussed is the N
22 In the 1877 OAKLAND COUNTY HISTORY it is called the "Wolcot