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Adam Ellis and Paul Romine. Before his time Fredrick Maltby Warner. The Farmington Hills Historical Commission, 1999.

1 10 Before his time Frederick Maltby Warner By Adam Ellis an
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4 Preface The Warner Mansion has stood as a prominent feature
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6 Before his time Frederick Maltby Warner By Adam Ellis and P
7 Introduction If you have ever drove down Grand River than y
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9 burned down in October of 1872. In the summer of 1876 Fred'
10 Exhibition in Philadelphia. On the way to Philadelphia they
11 Mercantile was handed over to him. In 1888 Fred bought a ha
12 Secretary of State In 1894 Warner added to his cheese facto
13 him by previous governors and made unheard-of changes that
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15 attitude toward roads had changed enough to warrant cancell
16 The Supreme Court upheld this law. All 27 of the cases agai
17 Democratic candidate. Warner defeated Kimmerle with a vote
18 The Senatorial election was first. The current Senator, Rus
19 government annually. In continuation of his battle against
20 16-16. Just when it seemed nothing could ever happen in Mic
21 two opponents within the Republican Party were Auditor Gene
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23 passed, by a vote of 21 to 5. The bill entered the House on
24 Back in Farmington When Warner came back to Farmington he s
25 T IHE / MARNERll/ BURIAL pbs, lteift Fw' ,gtoii O C 'y S
26 Bibliography 1. Fox, Jean M. "I went to the people..." Fred