Consumer Protection

The Consumer Protection Committee educates the public on various scams and con games, including Identity Theft, that target citizens.

We publish monthly articles in "The Messenger", maintain a Consumer Protection information corner in Conway Hall at the Costick Center, and distribute information at Project Healthy Living and open houses as well as on cable shows.

A presentation of Identity Theft can be arranged for organizations by calling the COA telephone number at (248) 473•1895.

Volunteer Awards

For the past several years two people from the Farmington / Farmington Hills area have been recognized annually for their exemplary services as volunteers.

The volunteer awards are as follows:

  • Diamond Award:   75 years or better.

  • Gold Award:   50 years or better.

The Nomination Form is typically submitted in early March to the Supervisor of the Senior Division. Forms can be obtained online, or by calling: (248) 473•1830 or in person at the Costick Center.