History & Officers
of the Michigan Regimental Round Table

A Brief History of the MRRT

The Michigan Regimental Round Table (MRRT) was formed Friday, January 8, 1960—the date of the Civil War Centennial. Don Limpert, along with five other founding members, had the idea of creating a group dedicated to the discussion of the Civil War. Soon thereafter, five additional members joined the group beginning what is now passing 50 years providing the Detroit area a forum to discuss and hear topics on the Civil War.

Ray Russell has the honor of choosing the group's name, "Michigan Regimental Round Table" and Jess Yeager the distinction for originating the use of the eagle, cartridge box and the Union and Confederate flags as the group's distinguishing symbols. John Hooper deserves special note for rendering these items into our distinctive Round Table's insignia.

Up through February 1966, the MRRT met at the old Congregational Church in Birmingham. Over the ensuing years the MRRT has held it's meetings at several locations to include the Congregational Church in Bloomfield Hills; the basement of a bank on 13 Mile and Telegraph; a classroom at Birmingham's Seaholm High School; the Alexander Hamilton Insurance complex in Farmington; and Fort Wayne in Detroit. Finally, the MRRT found its home were it resides today at the Farmington Community Library.

The first MRRT newsletter was issued October 1965 under the penmanship of Abbott Gibney, the original "Old Sarge." That tradition continues under the remarkable hand of Jerry Maxwell. Also of special note, Carroll Tietz, a member since 1967, has served as the MRRT's Treasurer for 38 years and counting.

MRRT meetings, then as now, begin with a short business meeting followed by a guest speaker, often times members from within the group, or outside speakers such as Art Stewart, Weldon Petz, Wiley Sword, Kelly Chartkoff, Tom Goodrich and David Duncan.

Perhaps the highlight of every year is the annual field trip; a tradition began in 1973 to the Shenandoah Valley. They began as a loosely arranged car convoy of members meeting at a battlefield without tour guide or group transportation. This has evolved, under the leadership of Jerry Maxwell, to tightly organized trips with distinguished tour guides, group transportation for the battlefield tour, and highlighted with a Saturday evening meal at locally prominent restaurants. Tour guides have included some of the most distinguished names in the field to include Frank O'Reilly, Dennis Frye, Chris Calkins, Jim Ogden and John Heiser.

To paraphrase Abbot Gibney from the MRRT's 25th anniversary, the MRRT is  "picking up steam and headed for its 75th".

Michigan Regimental Round Table: Our Founders

  • King Abbott
  • Bill Bennett
  • John Bruhns
  • John Hooper
  • Don Limpert
  • Frank Limpert
  • Jon Phillips
  • Terry Roach
  • Ray Russell
  • Don Smith
  • Jess Yeager

Michigan Regimental Round Table: Our Current Officers

  • President: George Crouch

  • Vice-President & Chronicles Keeper: Jeanie Graham

  • Secretary: (Open)

  • Treasurer: Jeanie Graham

  • Program Chair: Jim Burroughs

  • Newsletter Editor: Jim Burroughs

  • Web Site Coordinator & Postmaster: Jim Burroughs

  • Preservation Chairman: Joe Epstein

  • Newsletter Chairman: Robert Newill

Michigan Regimental Round Table: Our Presidents

1960–1961   Don Smith
1961–1962   Don Limpert
1962–1963   John Hooper
1963–1964   Ray Russell
1964–1965   Mil Lent
1965–1966   John Hooper
1966–1969   Al Nemetz
1969–1971   Abbott Gibney
1971–1972   George Smith
1972–1973   Dr. Marit Kallet
1973–1974   Greg Kolasa
1974–1975   Jerry Maxwell
1975–1976   David Finney
1976–1977   Ken Baumann
1977–1978   Brian Russell
1978–1979   Ken Berry
1979–1980   David Finney

1980–1981  Jerry Maxwell
1981–1982  Ken Baumann
1982–1984  Bill Mason
1984–1985  Ray Russell
1985–1986  Jerry Maxwell
1986–1988  Mil Lent
1988–1990  Don Garlit
1990–1994  Ken Baumann
1994–1996  Marty Brosnan
1996–1999  Neil Martin
1999–2002  Gary Pike
2002–2005  Norm Carver
2005–2010  Jim Burroughs
2010–2012  Don Kadar
2012–2015  Larry Hathcock
2015–2019  Wayne Smith
2019–   George Crouch