Historic Images of Farmington Churches: A Slide Show

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First Baptist Church, built 1861
  • First Baptist Church, built 1861
  • First Baptist Church. Looking North on Farmington Rd. Note the lack of a bell tower.
    The house in the foreground was the Undertaker, Sergius P. Lyon's, and it burned July 4, 1910.
  • First Baptist Church, another view, c. 1977
  • In January 1952, seven Farmington area families began Trinity Church as an Episcopal mission church.
    The present Church building was dedicated in October, 1956.
  • Mr. Stephen Page designed Trinity Episcopal Church.
    It was built based on simplicity and openness to the world,
    with large glass windows integrating worship with the nature surrounding it.
  • Trinity Episcopal Church Interior: Another view.
  • Trinity Episcopal Church: Detail of the West window.
  • Farmington United Methodist Church was established in 1829.
    The frame building in this view was built in 1844 at Warner and Shiawassee, and burned in 1920.
  • Early Methodist Church (later Farmington United Methodist) (1844) Side view.
    The Methodists used this building from 1844 to 1920. It was at the top of Shiawassee Hill.
  • Another view of the frame Methodist church prior to its destruction on February 7, 1920
  • After the frame Methodist church burned in 1920, this brick building was dedicated in 1922.
  • Farmington United Methodist Church, another, later view.
  • Farmington United Methodist Church: stained glass window detail.
  • Farmington United Methodist Church: interior view.
  • The Nardin Park United Methodist Church was founded in 1927 and moved to Farmington Hills in 1963.
    The present building was opened in 1965.
  • Our Lady of Sorrows Parish was established in 1927.
    The first church building was a frame structure , and the rectory (foreground) was the Ely Family Farm Home.
  • The present Our Lady of Sorrows church building, seen here, was dedicated March 25, 1961.
  • Another view of the 1981 Our Lady of Sorrows church building.
  • German Evangelical Church ca. 1910 on Oakland St. and Four Square House at the corner of Oakland and Farmington Rd.
    This congregation would later become Salem United Church of Christ.
  • Salem United Church, 1902.
  • Salem United Church of Christ Bell Tower Construction (1902).
  • Salem United Church of Christ.
  • Salem United Church of Christ: Another view.
  • The Farmington Union Society began the planning of their Meeting House in 1849.
    Dedicated in 1853, and originally at old Warner and Thomas, it was moved to Halsted and 11 Mile in 1967.
  • Universalist Unitarian Church taken c. 1952.
  • Universalist Unitarian Church in 1977.