Historic Images of Farmington Churches: A Slide Show

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  • Farmington District #5 School Bus, ca. 1929,
    parked in front of the Burnett Bros. Gas Station on Grand River Avenue and Cass Street.
  • Coleman School, a.k.a. Stone School, located on Middlebelt Road north of 11 Mile,
    was destroyed during construction of the I-696 Expressway.
  • Dunckel Middle School on 12 Mile Road between Farmington Road and Orchard Lake Road was built in 1957.
  • Fairview School, located mid-way between Drake and Halsted Streets on Grand River Avenue, was used into the early 1950s.
  • Farmington High School, referred to as the 1918 building,
    was located on School Street north of Grand River Avenue.
  • Farmington High School photographed in 1916 next to the 1888 Union School.
  • The main entrance of Farmington High School shows the tablet indicating 1918.
  • Demolishment of Union School next to Farmington High School.
  • The new Farmington High School was constructed in 1953 on Shiawassee Road.
  • Farmington High School on Shiawassee, ca. 1990.
  • Farmington High School on Shiawassee celebrated the collapse of the Berlin Wall
    with the construction of its version of the Brandenburg Gate in 1989.
  • Many of the schools in the area were organized into Fractional Districts to serve the educational needs of the children.
  • The German School built on Middlebelt north of 13 Mile Road is still in existence as a private school.
  • The original Nichols School, constructed before 1860, operated into the early 1940s.
  • Nichols School was located on the northwest corner of Farmington Road and 13 Mile Road, ca. 1917.
  • The original Union School was constructed about 1852. This photo was taken sometime between 1875 and 1879.
  • The next Union School, built in 1888, was located at School Street north of Grand River Avenue.
  • A close-up photo of the 1888 Union School.
  • Children on recess break getting a cool drink from the well at the side of the Union School.
  • Union School students often rode their bicycles to school.
  • In 1918 a fire destroyed the Union School. Fortunately a new school building was under construction next to it.
  • The West Farmington School was nicknamed "Little Normal" because so many students who attended it later became teachers.
  • West Farmington School was located on the southwest corner of 12 Mile and Halsted.